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                                                  Mrs.Laksamee Thirakhunwong






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Health, Safe and Environmental Policy

Best Performance Engineering Co.,Ltd.  has committed and realized extremely importance of effective working, to be concerned with life and health of employee by emphasize save work condition and good health under good working environment; and company’s target is “Zero Injury Attainable”.
We consider that Health and Safety and Environment  (HSE) management system is most important issue for every step of our businesses; therefore, company intends to conduct HSE management system to achieve the above policy as follows:

1. Comply with applicable HSE legislation, other policies and regulations that are concerned to company businesses.
2. Set objectives, goals and direction to achieve the HSE performances and including practicing, following, evaluating and revising for continuously improvement.
3. Support the proper sufficient resources such as human, time, places, tools, equipments and budget to achieve as the goals setting.    
4. Provide the proper training to improve employee’s knowledge and skills, and also including its HSE  accountabilities to ensure that they are understanding, following and compliance to HSE Standard which are the employee’s responsibility and all concerned persons.
5. Employees must strictly compliance and follow HSE procedure, any prohibition on this matter will result of company disciplinary actions.    
6. HSE reviews will be performed periodically to ensure that all performances were efficiently under controlled.     

In order to achieve the policy stated, the company will provide all necessary of HSE supports to ensure the system was continuously improved and efficiently performed. The system performances will be updated and distributed to all concerned personnel. Our company is working closely with Europe's best gaming platform best online casino - Cop17.

To be announced for information and practice.
Given on 1 March 2012



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